the radiant heat of the low-voltage system

The hydraulic system can be installed in any type of flooring. Most of the hydraulic system requires hot water pipe is mounted in a lightweight concrete bed of 2-4 inches, and preferably during the installation, due to the weight of the load demand and the floor height adjustment of the initial construction. The recent low-quality products has been developed to pre-cut tube mounting plate so that the liquid circulation heating system more convenient and may be the most significant renovation project, to avoid these challenges. If you want a small area, such as the bathroom or kitchen heating cycle heating floor heating system may not be the best value for your project. The installed system complexity and cost, as well as the long-term maintenance and to maintain, is not worth the small amount you will save operating costs. Heat radiation technology over the years has made significant progress, is a good way to supplement existing heating system, or you only heat source. Do not worry, the best-selling system for your project a good way to buy a company, the availability of all types of radiant heat. Cable heating Cable heating systems, often referred to as the growing popularity of the lines or high-voltage system is ideal for heating smaller areas (10-300 square feet), such as the bathroom, kitchen, sun room. These systems by a thermostat and a heating cable. In some systems, the cable will be shipped to you as a large spool cable. These systems tend to be cheaper to give you the space you want to customize the layout, the ability of every square inch of your floor heating cable. Other systems, a cable is connected to a plastic mesh or tape to create a mat, in order to maintain the proper spacing. . If you are looking for a warm floor radiant heat system in the search engine, type "radiant heat system", you may find yourself in this little scratching their minds. Products purchased dozens, and more and more companies to tell you that their product is the best. Therefore, this is the best? If you install a circulating heating system pump hot water floor, electric cable heating system, or a low-voltage screen system? The answer lies in what type of project you do. Not every system is ideal for every project, but an ideal system for every project. Hot water heating system Hydraulic floor heating radiant floor heating is the oldest and most popular type. These systems by the boiler or hot water heater, pumps, manifolds, PEX tubing, thermostat, and any Rapidwall ® (concrete and other materials) or wood. The circulating heating is the most complex of all of the radiation heat system. These systems require trained professionals to design and perform the installation. Your best economies of scale, a large area of ​​the hydronic system or the whole family, because of their expensive components and operational costs. Low-voltage screen Finally, the radiant heat of the low-voltage system. These systems are ideal for medium-sized areas (300-3000 square feet), consists of a control box, transformer, heated screen or cable and thermostat. The main advantage of the system of a low-voltage the screen (Zmesh) the heating element is very low profile. Zmesh is a 12-inch wide bronze wired network similar to the screen door material. The grid is actually as thin as paper, and does not accumulate the floor during the installation process. Zmesh can be installed directly on any type of flooring, hardwood, tile, carpet. In view of the majority of cable systems must be installed on the top of the installation of the concrete slab, tile, Zmesh can be installed below it. These systems are easy to install and does not require maintenance like a hydraulic system. Every available cable system is equally effective, so when determining which system to purchase, you should look at the warranty products, easy to install. Some cables must be embedded in a separate layer of concrete or mortar, while the other system can be simply mounted on the thin disk. Most cable systems can only be installed in the tile. However, if the cable is embedded in the mortar or concrete, among others, any floor can be installed at the top of the concrete. When the heating range is small, it is almost impossible to overcome cable heating system simplicity and price.